Pat Farmer

Ultra Marathon Runner & Achiever of the Year 2000

Pat Farmer is one of the world's best marathon runners and a former federal politician. His history of courage, determination and endurance places him in a class of his own.

A multiple world record holder, Pat Farmer established the fastest Around Australia record of continuous running over 14,662.4 km during his Centenary of Federation Run that began and ended in Canberra. He retains the record for crossing the Simpson Desert and he set the vertical run record, the equivalent of running up Mount Everest in 24-hours. He has run across the US twice and today is still breaking records.

As well as an enviable global reputation for ultra-distance running, he is equally lauded for raising enormous funds for various charities and medical research programs.

Pat Farmer is well loved by both the media and the public. His outstanding public and motivational presentations showcase his trademark combination of enthusiasm, drive and commitment. He has the ability to empower and motivate people from all walks of life to take challenges head on.

In June 2010, he announced a plan to embark on the longest non-stop run on earth in an attempt to raise millions of dollars for global water programs in the world's neediest regions. On 19 February 2012, after 20,919 agonising kilometres, Pat completed ‘The Greatest Run in History' - an incredible trek from the North Pole to the South Pole. After completing the North Pole he ran through Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, and the Darien Jungle; the deserts of Peru and Chile prior to commencing the final leg of running in the Antarctic on his way to the South Pole. When Pat completed his run, he had travelled through 14 countries, completing two marathons per day with no days off, for a total of 10 months and 13 days.

On 17 January 2013 Pat completed a run through Vietnam. The first man to run 2600 km from the North to the South, he then jet skied 400 km up the Mekong Delta into Ho Chi Minh City to complete his new record.

Pat Farmer is an Australia Day Ambassador and was named Achiever of the Year at the Australian of the Year Awards in 2000 presented by former PM John Howard. He was a member of the House of Representatives from 2001 to 2010.

Pat featured in This is Your Life and in his own book Running on a Dream. In addition he was the subject of a documentary which focused on his Federation Run around Australia.

A patriotic Australian, Pat Farmer is high-profile leader, with a large media following and the ability to unite and inspire action for a vision or solution. He has transitioned an internationally renowned athletic career into a highly respected career as an inspirational and motivational speaker known for his captivating and entertaining addresses.

Pat Farmer talks about:

  • Leadership
  • Government/Politics
  • Risk Management
  • Goal Setting/Planning
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Motivation/Inspiration

Client testimonials

Pat Farmer is an incredible motivational speaker. Pat has spoken at two events for me in the past. Pat has an extremely engaging and humble style that appeals to the audience. His remarkable determination is best summed up by his statement, “You can do anything you want to do in life, if you don't want to do it you will just find an excuse". He challenges audiences to go beyond what they think are possible. This is backed by his extensive ultra distance achievements prior to the Pole to Pole Run. The Pole to Pole Run has taken this to a new level. AT both events that Pat has spoken at, we have had an immediate and dramatic effect on engagement and ‘Can Do'.

Alphapharm Pty Ltd

Pat was the guest speaker at our annual dinner and was nothing short of sensational. Never before have I witnessed someone speak with so much passion and with such an ability to captivate the audience. I’ve been inundated with emails since, commenting on how great Pat was. Pat’s a legend on the road and equally as great as a motivational speaker.

Pat Carroll, Former Australian Team Member (distance running)

Pat Farmer recently presented to members of our senior leadership team where he shared some of his achievements and challenges, including his recent 'Pole to Pole' run. Pat's presentation style was engaging and compelling, demonstrating a wonderful sense of humour. Our team was genuinely inspired by Pat's story, and his key messages in relation to the power of believing in yourself, commitment to, breaking down and achieving seemingly insurmountable goals. Pat is an exceptional inspirational speaker whose style and message would resonate with any audience.


Pat Farmer recently was the key note speaker at our Annual Conference; he was so highly anticipated we moved our conference dates to hear from him! I had followed Pat on the news during his remarkable journey, so I was truly looking forward to hearing from this amazing and selfless man in person. Pat was a true inspiration, engaged his audience and everyone walked away feeling motivated that they could achieve any goal they have ahead of themselves. Pat was the best motivational speaker that we have experienced in the last few years of our conferences who was appreciated by everyone that attended. A very popular speaker and extremely excellent value.

Place Estate Agents