Michael Licenblat

Resilience Expert, 'Bounce-back' Keynote Speaker, Author

Michael Licenblat is a resilience expert who teaches people in sales and business how to bounce back from rejections and setbacks and stay proactive and productive.

In business, setbacks are part of the process, no matter how confident or competent you are. Your success often has a lot more to do with your personal resilience and 'bounce back ability' than any other factor.

In Michael's high energy, interactive and very practical presentations, he demystifies what people need to do to become resilient to pressure in today's business world, and keep your 'drive alive' when dealing with sales rejections, or difficult people or situations.

Drawing on his background in Psychology, Shiatsu therapy, and over 25 years of Martial Arts experience, Michael Licenblat has helped countless companies become 'pressure proof' and learn how to bounce back from the setbacks and rejections that would otherwise slow them down or wear them out.

His clients include such varied organisations as Toyota, REIV, Coles Myer Ltd., Pitcher Partners, SEEK, Caterpillar, Maurice Blackburn, Maunsell, SalesForce and the Victorian Parliament.

Michael has authored e-books and CDs and his articles are regularly published in several journals.

Michael Licenblat talks about:

  • Geting over sales reluctance and the fear of rejection to become sales proactive
  • Developing a resilient mental attitude to stay motivated even when you are feeling flat and defeated
  • Staying focused and motivated when dealing with 'No', or other setbacks and pressures.
  • Becoming emotionally immune to draining clients, customers and colleagues
  • Increasing your working stamina when working for hours on end without a break
  • How to maintain confidence, optimism and enthusiasm when faced with setbacks or challenges - despite the market you are working in.

Client testimonials

Michael is one of the top speakers in Australia. His presentations are high energy, high impact and enjoyable. As an event organiser I found Michael easy to deal with, organised, professional and considerate. I have no fear when putting him on to speak as I know the audience will be motivated, informed and entertained in the most professional way.

Network Central

I can't recall a program where I have been approached by so many participants, telling me how much difference it has made to their lives. Short, sharp and practical. The follow up e-course was also very helpful.

City of Yarra

To be honest, from past experience I guess I was expecting another boring and clock watching session, but I was totally wrong in that assumption! Your interaction with the participants, down to earth plain talking examples, explanations and discussions were very enlightening and very refreshing. The vibe that was in the office afterwards was also a good indicator that the staff has received benefits from your session.

Dungey Carter Ketterer Pty Ltd

Thanks for the great session you ran for us on how to become more resilient to pressure & deadlines … The presentation was engaging and energetic and the feedback we had from participants was really positive. In a deadline driven environment like ours, your approach to handling pressure is positive, constructive and easy to follow.

Lonely Planet

Michael is an excellent presenter who draws on his expertise in martial arts, Shiatsu therapy and psychology to give you simple strategies on how to improve your resilience and better deal with challenging situations. He kept the delegates interested in the ‘after lunch’ session with his enthusiasm and ability to engage the audience. Whilst we were left wanting more of Michael and the topic, we walked out with some practical tips to apply in our workplace.

Workers’ Compensation Regulator (Queensland)