Michael Holt

Being prepared for the unexpected

Dr Michael Holt was a successful and dynamic Orthopaedic Surgeon in private practice with everything to live for when, within a split second, his terrific life was seemingly irretrievably lost & shattered.

He had to drag himself out of the depths of despair & hopelessness to rebuild his previously perfect life.

Dr Holt attributes his eventual success to the love of his family and to having adequate Risk Protection in the form of insurance.

Dr Michael Holt’s presentations about his life journey are incredibly powerful, inspirational and motivational, articulated in an entertaining, down to earth style, with a touch of humour. He tells anyone who will listen that it is essential to have your affairs in order & BE PREPARED FOR THE UNEXPECTED.

About Dr Michael Holt:

Dr Michael Holt’s life was ruined when he was struck by a car while crossing the road. He was almost fatally injured and his life hung by a thread for days. Although he survived, he was left with permanent and seemingly debilitating injuries. Suffering blindness, deafness and other injuries, it was hard to believe that anyone would let him be a Surgeon again.

Dr Michael Holt had to rebuild his life both physically and mentally. Thanks to a diligent Financial Planner, he had the financial resources available to rehabilitate by performing some very unique, complex and difficult building and problem solving tasks around his home.

After a four year battle to re-establish his credentials and ability, Dr Holt returned to the life he once led in private and public Orthopaedic practice. He continues to lead a very full life in rugby coaching, golf and family.

Dr Michael Holt talks about:

Dr Holt gives a very personal insight into how his accident changed his life and how his passion for healing others helped him to heal himself. He talks about the physical, emotional and financial aspects of his journey as well as the goodness of the human spirit and how that helped him. Dr Michael Holt is consistently rated one of the top conference speakers.

Client testimonials

The reaction from our delegates has been overwhelmingly positive. The story of your tragic accident and determined recovery; and of the value and need for insurance, is most refreshing in these days of negative media stories.I know your determination to succeed and your passion for life will help to inspire other people.

MDRT Area Chair for NSW

Dr Michael Holt tells a moving story about his recovery from a tragic accident… He also sends a compelling message about the dangers of being under-insured, or worse, uninsured. Michael's audiences will be inspired by the insights he gained from his experience.

ING Australia

Dr Holt’s session was a highlight of the conference and he received top ratings for his presentation. The strong human interest element and the genuine, from the heart delivery of Dr Holt’s amazing story certainly captured everyone’s undivided attention and drew overwhelming accolades… The conference session attracted such wide acclaim that, by popular demand, we arranged an encore at an ASFA lunch in Brisbane…Attendance at this lunch set an all-time record … once again, the feedback has been tremendous.

ASFA National Conference Committee