Matt Hall

One of the World's Most Respected Pilots

Matt Hall is a unique story of an ordinary man doing extraordinary things.

A retired Wing Commander Fighter Pilot in RAAF, he is a combat veteran of Iraq, with USAF medals for heroism under fire in his F-15E, supporting troops on the ground.

In 2009, following a decorated career as a RAAF combat fighter pilot, Australia's very own top gun pilot Matt Hall became the only Australian ever to compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championships, the fastest and most exciting sport on the planet. Matt finished the season third overall to become the first rookie in history to end his debut season on the podium. Not bad for a normal kid growing up on a NSW central coast farm being told 'You can't...'

In 2010, Matt set out to win the Championship, though a much publicised event in the fourth round in Canada where he touched the surface of the Detroit River, then recovered to land uninjured, ended his season Championship aspirations. Matt recovered from this incident to place third at his very next race, demonstrating his ability to respond positively in the face of near disaster, and absorb huge amounts of pressure to perform with the spotlight focused on him.

Matt is a highly credentialed and skilled pilot with nearly 2000 F/A-18 Hornet hours, over 500 hours in the F-15E Strike Eagle (including combat), over 1100 hours in light aircraft and over 500 hours doing aerobatics.

Ending his military career in 2009 as a Wing Commander, Matt was awarded dux of his Fighter Combat Instructor Course - Top Gun (1999), F/A-18 Hornet Operational Conversion Course (1995), Basic Fighter Pilot Course (1994) and Wings course (1992, gaining the highest aggregate score in RAAF pilot training history) and was also awarded Fighter Pilot of the Year in 1997. He has represented Australia as a United States Air Force (USAF) exchange officer in North Carolina, instructed F-15E aircrew attending USAF Weapons School and briefed Australian Embassy staff at Washington annually on accomplishments and recommendations for future RAAF operations. Hall was also awarded the Air Medal and an Air Medal First Oak Leaf Cluster for heroism under fire during operational service in Iraq where he flew in the second Gulf War.

Matt is an experienced speaker who specialises on his core strengths of Goal Setting (short, medium and long term), Risk Management (in all areas of life from getting shot at to career changing decisions), and Prioritization (time management).

He is able to convey his story of humble beginnings, but setting unimaginable goals then pushing himself hard to exceed them. A highly self disciplined individual, Matt is respected for his ability to communicate with people at all levels and is greatly admired for his focus under pressure and leadership qualities. He is an outstanding motivator and is a popular public speaker, mentor and role model.

Matt Hall is a fantastic story of a very proud Aussie who now says 'I can and I will...'

Client testimonials

Matt Hall spoke recently at our annual conference, his presentation was both enthralling and inspiring. His story of courage and perseverance captured the interest of our attendees and in fact caused many to comment on how valuable his speech was. Matt spoke with such intensity and passion, he drew the audience in and painted a vivid picture of his experiences. His determination throughout his career, although unique in its character, is something that we can all aspire to.

Sir Walter Group