Mark Donaldson VC

Australian War Hero

His display of extraordinary courage that day saw him awarded the Australian Victoria Cross for Gallantry - the ultimate symbol of heroism.

When Mark Donaldson joined the Australian Army in 2002, at the age of 23, he proved himself to be a natural soldier who excelled in the training and discipline of army life. He set himself goals and planned a program that would see him pass the most rigorous of mental and physical tests to become a member of Australia's elite Special Air Service (SAS).

Tours of East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan followed and today Mark carries the reminder of how luck can be an important ingredient in success. A bullet remains lodged in his leg to this day to keep him focussed.

Mark Donaldson VC knows what it takes to lead. He knows what it is like to take responsibility for personal and team success. He knows how crucial effective communication is to the success of any plan. Mark knows what makes an effective team. He knows how critical it is for leaders to be agile in their decision making and how important resilience is in both the planning and implementation phases of an operation. In his world, lives depend on it.

Mark continues to serve in the SAS. He has written a bestselling book, The Cross Road - a story of life, death and the SAS, and and he is committed to assisting soldiers to settle back into Australian life after being in harm's way on duty overseas.

Mark Donaldson talks frankly about his transformation' from zero to hero'; his life is a testament to what can be achieved through sheer courage and determination.