Kate Ceberano

Engaging speaker & iconic singer / songwriter

Kate Ceberano's iconic status in our country is evident and her influence on our society continues to have many powerful ramifications through her music and general communication in today's media.

She can unlock and inspire creativity and abilities in your audience with innovative ideas that have been tried and tested in the continual re-creation of her own career.

Through her unique presentation skills Kate animates and engages her audience with real life anecdotes that people are instantly able to relate to-she keeps it real and has a wonderful charm and sense of humour that is truly delicious.

Kate shares hidden industry secrets that act as barriers and how to overcome them.

And finally, it is with great gusto that she attacks the subject of what to do when you hit the pitfalls and have had many set backs and can't seem to get back up she really has been there and done that so let her tell you how!

With a very strong interest and association with various humanitarian causes Kate really is all about freedoms-from barriers, ideas and traps-she has the answers.

Ceberano is the Victorian Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Her role sees her help raise funds and awareness about an illness that affects many lives. "I like to be as involved as I possibly can in causes I feel strongly about," says Ceberano of her appointment. "Yes I am a musician, but if I can do more to help others then I will."

Kate is also an ambassador for lingerie brand Playtex/Berlei, with the autumn campaign kicking off in May 09 and she has an ongoing relationship with Myer. "I am the voice of Myer," she said with a giggle. "That's my voice on the jingle 'Myer, My Store', so every time you hear it you can think of me."

Kate won Best Female Vocalist (1985) at the Countdown Awards as well as Best Female Singer (1985) at the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Awards. She has been nominated for ARIA awards seven times, a figure only Kylie Minogue can match.

Client testimonials

Truly one of the great voices this country has produced. Kate sings with such passion, heart and joy it is impossible not to be completely carried to wherever she wants you go!!!! Not only an amazing singer but an extraordinary performer - Kate's singing simply melts your heart.

Hugh Jackman

Kate has an uncanny ability of turning three or four words into a breathtaking experience. Her vocal range and performance style is a combination that defies description.

Sir Tim Rice

Kate is a world class artist.

Isaac Hayes