Jonathan Pain

Global economics expert

Jonathan Pain is the author and publisher of a widely read investment newsletter, The Pain Report, which provides an independent and global perspective of the financial markets and the world economy.

He is a Director of JP Consulting NSW Pty Ltd. and has 30 years of international investment experience, having led investment teams in London, Bahrain and Australia.

Jonathan is is well known for his contrarian views, and is a regular guest on CNBC TV as well as a sought-after speaker at hundreds of investment conferences and seminars around the world. He brings to life the history, current and future outlook of the world from an economic perspective.

Jonathan's plain-speaking dialogue enables everyone to follow and fully engage with his message, to the extent that he has been rated the best presenter at hundreds of events for clients including The Financial Planning Association, Institute of Chartered Accountants and The Australian Investors Association.

Engaging diversified audiences from children to finance experts is no easy feat, however Jonathan Pain excels with his finely crafted and highly engaging, entertaining and well-researched perspective of the world we now live in ... and can look forward to.

More about Jonathan Pain:

In 2006, he highlighted the unsustainable levels of debt and the housing bubble in America, and respected commentators such as Alan Kohler and Graham Rich acknowledged his warnings of the impending crisis.

Now, Jonathan believes that after five years of economic healing, the global economy is set for stronger growth. The great majority of the world's population of 7 billion people can look forward to better times ahead and, in fact, the next decade is likely to see the strongest global economic growth in over 30 years.

Jonathan holds a joint honours degree in Economics and Politics from Keele University and a Masters degree in Finance from Exeter University.

Having been born in South Africa and lived in Lesotho, Swaziland, England and Bahrain, Jonathan now calls Australia home.

Jonathan Pain talks about:

In his latest presentation, 'What a Wonderful World', Jonathan takes his audience on a journey around the world from West to East, via the Middle East.

He believes that the most significant and defining economic phenomenon of our lifetime is the rise of the Asian middle classes, and that they will be a major force in shaping and defining our economic destiny here in Australia and the wider world.

He will urge you to re-consider the prism through which you view the world and suggests that much of the media has an obsessive focus on the negative and rarely highlights the many positives.

Client testimonials

Jonathan always focuses my mind on the important conclusions and ramifications of events, which are sometimes hard to see. Always invite him to speak.

FPA Queensland State Conference

We have received excellent feedback from our clients and many said it was the best talk that they have heard for a long time. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and I am sure it will also add to our clients’ perception of Rothschild as a fund manager.

Worley Securities

Congratulations on a professional presentation which was without doubt, the best of the conference. Accolades continue to roll in…

Australian Financial Services Limited

As an absolute lay person in terms of world economics, I found the presentation very helpful in understanding the economic future.

William Buck 2007 Economic Update

You were ranked the most popular speaker on our conference evaluation forms…generating comments such as first class, thought provoking, great passion, intelligent and relevant.

Macquarie Investment Services

Feedback from the delegates indicate that your presentation at the conference was once again rated the very best overall…Congratulations.

Australian Investors Association

Cuts through the issues in a language we can follow … excellent and superb, very inspiring …Jonathan put all facts in a perspective that no other economists have done.

Lifespan Financial Planning

The feedback to Jonathan’s session was a thought provoking, engaging but above all entertaining presentation. Members from our audience stated they would happily have stayed another hour to listen to Jonathan and pepper him with questions. His perspective certainly allows some food for thought.

tph Insolvency

Excellent – one of the best responses we have had from our delegates on an external speaker. Would highly recommend – informative, so engaging and gave a priceless and relevant analysis on today’s economic and political climate.

Fiducian Portfolio Services Limited