Jeff McMullen

Journalist and reporter

After 35 years as one of Australia's best known television reporters, and a star of the Australian  edition of the Sixty Minutes  program, Jeff McMullen literally has gone to the ends of the earth to understand the changing patterns of human life beyond the commonly known borders.

Jeff was the youngest ABC foreign correspondent of his day, reporting from PNG, then from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India. At 24, he began 12 years in the USA, first as the ABC's correspondent. Later, as a reporter for Four Corners, he travelled through the old Soviet Empire and produced a trilogy of documentaries from the war zones of Central America, winning a United Nations Media Peace Prize.

After almost two decades with the ABC, McMullen then spent the next sixteen years wandering still more of the world as a reporter on Sixty Minutes.

Jeff  McMullen has seen more of the hellish  side of life than most people see in ten lifetimes, He has explored the causes of famine in Africa, global plagues like HIV/AIDS and the rapid transmission  of new viruses After much first hand combat experience and interviews with terrorists and other militants, McMullen has a unique perspective on the forces creating the dangerous world we live in and has explored many ideas to carry us to a brighter future.

Audiences worldwide have hailed his passionate presentation of a world view that invites each person to understand the Big Picture and to seize opportunities  to make a difference.

Jeff McMullen's presentations include...

  • "Meetings with remarkable  men and women"
  • "Taking a risk' 
  • 'Making a difference'
  • "Australia's one true crisis" .

Throughout his professional life, Jeff has also worked to help the disadvantaged, including: the Red Cross, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Queensland Education Department's Indigenous Literacy program and the Australian Indigenous Doctors Association.

Jeff has a Doctorate of Journalism and continues to speak out on the need for ethical reform in journalism. In 2006 Jeff was honoured with an Order of Australia, for services to journalism and his efforts to raise awareness of economic and human rights issues. 

Client testimonials

Jeff ,thanks for making our seminar such a success. The feedback has been amazing.

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