Gihan Perera

Futurist and Keynote Speaker

Gihan Perera is an outstanding futurist, thought-leader, author, and insightful conference speaker. Working with leading Australian business leaders and entrepreneurs, he helps to develop and facilitate strategies for positive change management, growth and sustainable success.

Since 1997, Gihan Perera has helped clients throughout Australia, as well as in New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the USA and Canada.

Gihan Perera has a formal background in science and technology, with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia. He has always been interested in people and the way they communicate - and how to leverage technology to deliver messages, extend reach, and live happier lives.

Forbes magazine rated him the #5 social media influencer in the world in his area of expertise.

Gihan Perera is the author of books including The Future of Leadership, Fast, Flat and Free, Out of Office, and Webinar Smarts. He is a Gold Level author for the International Institute of Managers and Directors.

A thought-provoking educator, Gihan has been at the leading edge of presentation technology and online learning. He writes and presents for Citrix Global, a leading provider of online collaboration technology (such as GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting). He was one of a handful of invited guest contributors (along with Seth Godin and Nancy Duarte) to Garr Reynolds' book Presentation Zen. He is one of a handful of Ambassadors for Thought Leaders Global and he hosts the eGurus Community, an online resource centre for speakers, trainers, consultants and thought leaders.

Gihan Perera speaks about:

Fit for the Future - Digital disruption, global reach, and the changing workplace affect us all, and at all levels - individual, team, organisation, and community. The future belongs to those with foresight, flexibility, and a forward-looking, optimistic focus.

The Future of Leadership, Thinking Ahead - Our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world needs a new kind of leadership. Your team members are smarter, more savvy, and more influential than ever before. Help them bring their unique skills to the workplace - and watch your team and organisation thrive.

The Future of Work, Access All Areas - The skills you need for the future aren't technical, task-oriented skills - because those skills will become obsolete through automation and artificial intelligence. Discover how to identify and develop the skills for your future workforce, so you can future-proof your career, team and organisation.

The Future of Innovation, Bright Sparks - Innovation is everybody's business. People are smarter, more savvy, and more diverse than ever before, and the best leaders enlist everybody - their teams, customers, clients, peers, and community - to adapt to change, embrace it, and even lead it.

Additionally, Gihan Perera presents breakout sessions on the following topics:

  • Future Proof - Develop the skills for your future workforce
  • Channelling Chaos - Be more productive in a fast-moving world
  • Light Up - Create an innovation culture in your business
  • Magnetic Messages - Cut through the clutter and get your message across
  • Authority - Build your authority and personal brand
  • Link Up - Deliver great experiences in a customer-centric world
  • Power Up - Get the most from the rising stars in your team
  • Tune Up - Accelerate the experience curve
  • Team Up - Lead and manage a distributed workforce
  • Webinar Smarts - Use webinars for marketing, sales, training, and business growth.

Client testimonials

Gihan set a new standard for our members. Great value, his content was fresh and new, plus inspirational and aspirational all at the same time. From an organiser's perspective he was extremely efficient and effective, delivered exceptional value and made my job of delivering excellence so much easier.

Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP)

What a fantastic opening address for our conference. Gihan is such a personable presenter, his address was engaging, interactive, thought-provoking and immensely enjoyable, with the content being relevant and regularly cited by speakers throughout the two days of the conference.

University of Western Australia

Gihan provided a thought provoking, amusing and energetic opening to our Strategy 2017 Conference. Tailoring his insights to encourage us to embrace our ability to become ‘Change Agents’ enabled our team to take a different view on where our business is headed and explore avenues to collaborate with our customers. Truly a motivational and attention-grabbing session!


Gihan gave our audience an engaging and entertaining presentation. Importantly he adapted his key messages for relevance to our pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Gihan was the opening speaker for our first national conference. He was interesting, entertaining and insightful, which helped set the tone for the rest of our 3-day conference. I wasn't surprised to see most attendees giving him the highest rating.

AMP Financial Planners Association

We engaged Gihan to deliver the closing plenary for our flagship event and from the moment he spoke we wanted to hear more. He had engaging and insightful observations on society, backed up with facts and sprinkled with self-deprecating humour. A rare speaker who can entertain and educate, Gihan gave clarity and confidence to our audience, and truly aligned his message with our event's theme. We would warmly welcome Gihan back to any future event.

Queensland Law Society

Fantastic! Feedback was all positive and I heard that people were leaving to go and get their colleagues to come. This was the best attended non-mandatory company-wide briefing we have had in the 7 years I've been here.