Geoff Knight

Tenor, storyteller, entertainer

It shouldn't be a surprise that Geoff Knight has become such an expert at personal transformation. His life's journey has been unconventional, to say the least. His roller-coaster tale includes being an adopted child, overweight, a bullied choirboy in small-town New Zealand, one of the youngest members of the notorious 'Highway 61' bikie gang and a deep-sea commercial fisherman and captain.

This adrenaline-filled period culminated in a near-death motorcycle accident. After this life-changing experience, Geoff dared to dream a new life for himself - a dream which has led him to work as a stunt man with Lucy Lawless in Xena, earn a degree in performance art, act professionally on Stage and TV, and take the stage as an internationally respected tenor and inspiring keynote speaker.

Geoff really connects with his audience and speaks openly about his formative years and the circumstances and events which led to him going from being the lead singer of his school choir to running off the rails and becoming the right hand man to the president of the largest motorcycle gang in New Zealand. You'll hear how he mustered the courage to turn his life around and the price he had to pay to get out of the bikie gang alive.

Geoff's story is full of humour, pain, intrigue, delight, love and dedication and needs to be heard to be believed. If you ever thought 'you can't' you will now think 'you can', if you were ever in doubt that good will always prevail, think again.

He speaks candidly about confronting his demons and taking full responsibility for his life, while sharing his blueprint for creating lasting change and the steps he had to take to pursue his passion and make his dreams a reality.

As an inspirational motivational speaker to open or close your event or conference, the unique combination of Geoff Knight's powerful and moving story, plus his beautiful tenor voice and superb singing, will leave your audience quite literally struck with awe

With warmth, passion, and humour, Geoff offers up his own journey of personal transformation and delivers a truly unique, authentic, entertaining, and inspiring story unlike any you will ever hear.

Client testimonials

Looking is one thing, finding is the other. So when we KNOW a presenter who will tick AND kick all the boxes, then we ALWAYS book Geoff Knight. At 6 foot + forever and ridiculously good looking, audiences always sit up straight and start to listen before Geoff opens his mouth! His story is remarkable AND surely it can’t be true … And then he starts to sing! OMG, sing! Absolutely superb! He knows my clients names, he works the room and interacts, and he wraps our brief around his presentation. Talk about value for money. After each encore you just know this guy has blown open your event big time.

DMP Marketing & Events

We were thrilled to have you join us in Marlborough and you delivered a fantastic closing address at our conference. Not only did we have the opportunity to hear your very human and inspiring story, we were privileged to hear your wonderful singing voice … You completely met my hopes and expectation as our closing speaker. As a conference organiser, the closing address to me is extremely important, it is important to me that delegates leave the conference on a real high. You succeeded … your warm personality and great story enabled our people to really connect with you. As you know, there were even a few tears. Thank you so much.

Conventions and Incentives New Zealand

Geoff Knight was excellent in every way – catch-up, performance, presentation, topic and voice – all absolutely wonderful and we would have him back at any time.

Gallagher Group

We loved him. Geoff Knight’s presentation exceeded my expectations. He really reached this audience well – some people loved his life story, others his wonderful tenor voice, others his gentle humour all wrapped up in what can only be described as a truly charismatic personality. The women drooled (including me!) and the men admired. Geoff set the tone for the rest of our conference time together, and had a lot to do with the great success of the conference, as after he gave his personal testimony, the other conference delegates were more inclined to be real with each other. Geoff was worth every cent and we are very proud of him as one of our own!

West Coast Tertiary Education Trust

Motivational speaker and opera star, Geoff Knight held the 70 attendees spellbound with his inspirational and thought provoking keynote; ‘The road less travelled: A student’s journey – from Highway 61 gang member to international opera singer.’ Geoff’s message clearly demonstrated the influence we as educators can have on the direction our students take. The importance of valuing our students as individuals, respecting them and allowing them to strive to reach their potential cannot be overemphasised.

Ako Aotearoa, New Zealand’s National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence

What an unbelievable experience it was as Geoff took our delegates at the Heritage Bank Retail Conference on a journey through his story of overcoming adversity and turning his life around.  I know for a fact that they did not know were the story was heading, and were not expecting the story to take the turn at the end that it did. Geoff certainly had the audience captivated as his story unfolded, and the finale was breathtaking.

Heritage Bank