Fiona Taylor

Founder of Barakaya and Brave-Heart Leadership, mystic, 1992 Olympic and former World Champion windsurfer

Fiona Taylor is a high performance coach with expertise in understanding human behaviour and transforming consciousness. She is also a mystic, music composer and metaphysical counselor. She is blessed to have the gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance.

As a winner of fourteen world titles in the sport of windsurfing and a 1992 Barcelona Olympian Fiona knows what it takes to win, set and achieve goals and inspire individuals and teams. (These titles were in the Windsurfer and Mistral classes.)

Her coaching and programs are founded in the physics of consciousness, complexity theory, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence. Her programs and coaching not only provide the theory, but the practical 'how to' to achieve real growth and transformation. She is the author of two ground-breaking books Spirit in Sport: peak performance & the zone in sport, and An Olympian's Guide to Weight Loss.

Fiona is also a recommended sales trainer of the Australian Sales & Marketing Institute. She does not teach people how to sell, she teaches people how to become magnetic and transform unconscious beliefs that hold people back in sales and in life. As a result many of her clients have been able to achieve more in less time, live free from stress and fear and some have even doubled or tripled their income.

Her understanding of human nature and what it takes to excel serves to both inform and inspire. Her ability as a strategic thinker, plus her understanding of the micro and macro ('cause and effect' complexities) is profound. Her current and former clients include CEO's, senior executives, Olympic Gold Medalists and World Champion athletes. She is based in Melbourne, Australia but works with interstate and international clients over the phone.

Fiona's corporate and business experience includes over 15 years in corporate business development, marketing, sales training, event management and professional sport in the USA, Europe and Australia. She has also worked as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Sports Coach.

Her professional speaking (and celebrity ambassador) engagements have included clients such as Cadbury Schweppes, Telstra, Siemens Mobile, Tab Corp, AMO Inc, Accor Asia Pacific, South Melbourne Football Club, Rotary and corporate luncheons. Fiona is an inspired communicator who has reached over 12,000 students and adults Australia wide. In 1993 she was awarded the Victorian Young Achiever of the Year Award (Overall and Sports award winner) and the Victorian Yachtsman of the Year. In 2006 she was included in the 'Who's Who' of Australian Women.

Fiona's media appearances have included Good Morning Australia, Channel 9 Wide World of Sports, SBS Sports Woman, Channel 7 Sportsworld; Time Magazine (Australia), The Dr. Pat Show, New Idea, News for the, Author's Voice on and key articles in The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Herald Sun Newspapers.

Fiona Taylor speaks about:

Fiona is a powerful Australian presenter and in demand as a key note speaker. Her speaking topics (and program modules) include the following:

  • Authentic Leadership: Power and magnetism vs. control and force
  • Strategic Thinking (New Paradigm Thinking)
  • Optimum Performance. Why understanding the principles of Chaos and Complexity theory will accelerate your own success. Why positive thinking will not get you there.
  • Spiritual Intelligence (intuition or SQ), consciousness and the multi-dimensionality of the Soul (how 'past' and 'parrallel lives' affect our current reality)
  • Conflict Resolution (identifying the real cause of conflict):
    The Heart Coherence Process
  • There is no such thing as competition. You are your biggest hurdle.
  • Inspiration, motivation and achieving your peak performance: anyone can access inspiration, the question is WHY? Why most self help books do not work.
  • Become a sales magnet – Do Less & Achieve More (Sales & manifestation mastery: attract new clients)
  • Why real emotional intelligence will accelerate your own growth and success and reduce conflict for effective management.
  • New definition of success: coping with cultural change – work life balance
  • Intuitive thinking & Clarity in decision making
  • Where does creativity come from, and how to access it
  • Wellness and stress management: balance the body in 3 minutes!
  • Time Management: Identify individual patterns to maximize individual and team productivity. (So called ‘weaknesses’ are your next new assets.)
  • Team Coherence and effective communication: Bringing out the best in people.
  • Outplacement Programs – identifying your next best step and embracing change.
  • The SQ (Spiritual Quotient = Spiritul Intelligence) in business – Triple bottom line. Why the next generation will not want to play the ‘corporate game’.
  • Client testimonials

    The day was empowering and educational...the life mapping process provides an excellent mechanic to dream and establish tangible objectives. Fiona's openness and knowledge provides a level of credibility and trust seldom seen thus allowing me to explore my own spirituality. As a business executive I can safely state, with authority, this program is adaptable to team and individual development. Thank you for a wonderful experience of self discovery and learning.

    Fosters Australia

    Thank you for making available truly practical and immediately useful techniques for us to apply. The 'Brave Heart' methods are helping me in all areas of my life - personal and business.

    IT Consultant

    The Brave-Heart Program Fiona ran for us, then one on one with me, has certainly helped me in effective decision making.

    KPMG consultant

    Excellent & beneficial experience by a knowledgeable & engaging presenter. The Barakaya program enables you to better understand 'why you are where you are today', providing an opportunity for you to transform your consciousness and enable you to become where you want to go. This is achieved by embracing empirical knowledge and exploring the less understood aspects of what it means to be human. Fiona assisted me in breaking new ground, shifting my attitude, transforming pain into awareness, which enables you to heal conflict in your life. I comfortably recommend and support her.

    Company Director

    Thoughtful, provocative, inspiring presentation. The relevance of the information was brilliant and the delivery was also brilliant.

    Ego Pharmaceuticals

    Fiona came and spoke to over 100 of our graduates at the end of the year. We have had many higher profile athletes speak before, but none of them were as entertaining and relatable to our audience as Fiona. I recommend Fiona to any company or group who is looking for an entertaining speaker who can also deliver some powerful messages throughout.

    Melbourne University End of Year Dinner Organiser