Dominic Thurbon

Thought leader, workforce and technology trends keynote speaker

Dominic Thurbon is Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of international behaviour change organisation ChangeLabs and a world-class Top-10 speaker.

At ChangeLabs, Dominic works with partner organisations to address important social issues in areas such as health, education and skills shortages. He has been the architect of some of the world's largest social change initiatives, including the multi-award winning StartSmart program - the worlds' largest face-to-face financial literacy program which reaches over 150,000 people every year.

As a speaker, Dominic is powerful and provocative, with a proven track record of performance at the highest level. In 2008 he was a Grand Finalist at the World Debating Championships in Thailand.

Dominic Thurbon speaks on subjects such as behavioural change, workforce trends, the future of education and organisational collaboration, innovation and the use of new technology to impact the way people act, think and buy.

Dominic has spoken at business conferences in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand for clients including GlaxoSmith Kline, Ricoh, Johnson & Johnson, the ABC and ING.

More about Dominic Thurbon:

For some years, Dominic was Head of Research for global generational trends and business strategy consultancy Peter Sheahan Pty Ltd.

Dominic joined Peter Sheahan after graduating from the University of Sydney with a degree in Political Science as lead researcher on the global best-selling book on innovation Flip: How Counterintuitive Thinking Is Changing Everything.

Dom subsequently partnered with Peter Sheahan to found ChangeLabsTM. He is responsible for the world-class facilitators that have become the driving force behind the success of ChangeLabsTM programs around the globe.

Dominic Thurbon talks about:

  • Unleashing the Collaborative Potential of your Workforce - To get ahead in the knowledge economy, companies must capture the expertise already floating around inside its four walls. In this insightful and empowering presentation Dominic will show how, by using simple social media tools, we can not only capture and search the expertise we already have, but also direct it towards solving pressing business problems. Unleashing innovation and collaboration in this way is a sure-fire method for driving better results!
  • 'Flip! How Counterintuitive Thinking is Changing Everything - Flip is your future-focused strategy for leading in times of ambiguity through embracing innovation and change. Based on the international business bestseller, Flip: How Counterintuitive Thinking is Changing Everything, this powerful and provocative session will challenge you to rethink the status quo, reassess your business strategy and look at the changing business environment in a whole new way.

Client testimonials

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work.


We had the pleasure of Dom Thurbon presenting to the team. It made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. We would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dominic’s impressive knowledge, sense of humour and style inspired our staff around the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation in our organisation. He crafted a presentation that was right on brief and extremely relevant given the present climate of rapid change in the education and training industry. His passion is contagious and he speaks the right language to affect real behaviour change.

Charles Darwin University

The room was just buzzing after you finished and so many of our members told me how much they had enjoyed your session. It was a highly entertaining, thoughtful, informative, fun and very relevant session to our group of HR Directors, few of whom would be immune to the challenges you described around building a collaborative technology culture, regardless of the size of their organisation or the industry in which they operate.

CEO Forum Group

Dominic delivered a series of presentations for our senior client audience. His presentations were right on brief and really inspired people about the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation in their organisations. He speaks the language of business, understands business models and tailors his message to suit the audience. His dynamic and engaging style affects real behavioural and attitudinal change and his entertaining and energetic style made him a real hit with the audience.