Dianne McGrath

Leadership & Sustainability Expert, Inspirational Speaker

Dianne McGrath is a business leader and a phD researcher with experience in academia, the private, public and not-for-profit sectors (globally and nationally). She is also one of seven Australians shortlisted from 200,000 international applicants to join the Mars One mission which seeks to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars. 

Dianne is an experienced public speaker, having been on TV and radio, given a TEDx talk, presented to tens of thousands of school students across Australia, as well as on panels and at corporate events. She has given lectures at university and academic conferences.

Her presentations and workshops are tailored, researched, engaging and dynamic.

More about Dianne McGrath:

Dianne's work experience has provided her with strong expertise in project management, marketing and government organisations in her time with the Australian Energy Regulator, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). While at GSK she won a global marketing award, and held numerous positions, including a global marketing position based in Europe where she was responsible for a $1billion (AUD) brand portfolio, and won a global marketing award.

Dianne leads a purposeful life that seeks to create better environmental outcomes. Towards this goal, she is currently the Director of the sustainability and business consultancy, Food for Thought Consulting Australia. Passionate about sustainable food systems, she is also a Director on the boards of three not-for-profit organisations that operate in the food sustainability/community food space: Cultivating Community, 3000acres and the Open Food Network.

Dianne believes nothing is insurmountable. Her sense of adventure, determination and fitness has seen her sail tall ships in the southern ocean, cycle extreme distances, jump from planes, and run marathons and an ultra-marathon.

Dianne talks about:

Dianne tailors her talks and workshops to meet the needs of each audience. Her topics include:

  • The Mars One mission: Dianne is one of the 100 short-listed astronaut candidates in the international Mars One mission, which plans to establish the first permanent human settlement on Mars after 2032. Topics may include: the Mars One mission and aspects of science; challenges the astronauts will face; a sustainable Earth-independent colony; why Dianne wants to go to Mars; how Mars One affects her life and what she's learnt; working hard to realise your dreams. 

  • Food for Mars: What are the challenges of becoming self-sufficient for food on Mars? What could a closed-loop, sustainable food system looks like on Mars? What lessons could be applied to Earth? Topics may include: different food production systems; space food research; optimising conditions for growing food in Martian soil (energy, a supportive sustainable ecosystem, cosmic radiation, soil composition, etc); the nutrient cycle in a limited system. 

  • Food waste and sustainability: Australia grows food to feed > 60 million people, yet wastes 32 MCG's worth each year. We waste other resources too. What is waste? Why does it occur? How can we be sustainable? Topics may include: Waste and the waste management hierarchy; Dianne's PhD food waste research; other targets for sustainability (water, energy, materials etc); how people can use environments more sustainably; possible solutions and actions individual students can take.

  • Human health in space: What medical skills are needed in space, and then on Mars? What are the health risks that astronauts face? How can they be managed? Can we learn anything for Earth? Topics may include: the effects of space on human health; strategies to manage health-related challenges (health, safety and wellbeing); similar health-challenged environments on Earth, and what can be learnt from both perspectives. 

  • Public speaking and presentation skills: "The single most important skill you must have to lead is the ability to tell your own story." - Bo Eason, American footballer. Public speaking is a skill that anyone can learn. Topics may include: planning a talk; giving an impromptu speech; practice practice practice - but not too much! Engaging the audience; use of the body; getting the mind-set right; dealing with nerves; self-reflection and review; different tools for different purposes. 

  • It's all about perspective: ordinary people, extraordinary goals: A motivational talk that examines courage, how we are all courageous in different ways, setting goals and having a sense of purpose or a vision, and how to take those first steps.

  • Creating a sustainable world: A talk that empowers individuals and businesses to bring greater sustainability into their daily lives. This talk examines themes of sustainability and explores ways of introducing sustainability through the use of case studies, examples and interaction with participants.

Client testimonials

Dianne’s willingness to tailor her content to our audience was first class.

Australian Football League

Dianne was fantastic to work with, she got in touch with me straight away to get a sense of what we needed for our event. She had even researched our company and our values to ensure she linked our content to be relevant to our needs, She arrived early, was very patient and got engaged in our conference presentations. Diane’s presentation itself was very thought provoking and engaging. She was incredibly candid in answering questions and a brilliant addition to our event.

Dimplecare Management

Excellent. Extremely well prepared, passionate and very personable. Spoke to the audience on topic and gave a lot of her time after the keynote session.

Geography Teachers Association of Victoria

Dianne was very inspirational and great to deal with.

Association of School Administrators, Victoria