Darren Isenberg

Entertaining Corporate MC

Darren Isenberg is one of Australia's leading and most sought-after corporate MCs ... but you've probably never heard of him.

Since 1995 he has relied simply on his skill, his humour and his talent ... rather than any name and fame ... to become regarded as the MC to turn to when you want warmth, humour and personality to be a feature of your conference. Hundreds of clients in an incredibly wide range of industries have used him and been amused by him over the years.

Beginning most conferences as a total stranger, he starts to win the audience over with a bright and humorous Conference Opening Ceremony, featuring a set of tongue-in-cheek conference rules and either a specially-written fun Conference Anthem or Conference Oath of Allegiance ... and very quickly the audience realises that their event is going to be a little different ... that it is going to have a personality.

It is very common for delegates at events MC'd by Darren to be surprised that they had so much fun ... and to learn that he does NOT work for their firm. Darren researches the organisation, the industry and, importantly, the speakers so that he can bring to an event the breath of freshness that an outsider brings, all whilst sounding like an insider.

His meticulous preparation of uniquely entertaining speaker introductions ensures audiences look forward to what he is going to say, just as much as what the speaker he is introducing is about to tell them. His ability to think quick, be spontaneously funny and understand business (he's not an actor or a comedian ... he is a former economics teacher whose career path reached a point of diminishing returns!) enables him to inject insightful comments at the appropriate moments and to facilitate panels and run Q & A sessions that often provide unexpected moments of gold throughout a conference program.

Whilst bringing light humour into the conference room seems to be his ultimate aim, this is definitely not the case. As a trained educator, he realised long ago that bringing people together in a room and talking AT them is not the most effective way to teach people. Being just 'funny for funny's sake' also doesn't make you a credible presenter. However, understanding the aims of an event and what issues are important (which he does through his research) combined with making the conference room an enjoyable place to be, helps people remain focused and retain information. Darren's audiences know that their event is special, that the speaker introductions are different (and well-worth listening to) and, as a result, the WHOLE event is better and more memorable.

As an added bonus Darren saves his clients' time, resources and money by:

1. Always writing his own script for all speaker introductions

2. Providing the option of being a:

  • Keynote Speaker (his small business success keynote called 'Freshen Your Impression In The Recession' has been received super-enthusiastically)
  • Corporate Trainer (in Presentation Skills, Powerpoint Skills and Small Client Meeting Skills)
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Designing and running a dymanic and creative team-building facility

Clients say he is easy-going and easy-to-work, as well as able to cope with the last-minute changes and other odd requests that frequently feature at an event. His lack of celebrity means he comes with a low ego and is just happy to have been invited to become part of your event.

He is equally at home MCing a multi-day conference, as he is a roadshow or an Awards Night ... and the size of the audience can range from 20 to two thousand or more. Whilst his clients hail from a broad spectrum of industries, he has become a particularly popular MC within the financial industry (especially for groups consisting of brokers, advisers, planners and bank staff) as well as with franchise groups, where his warmth and understanding of small business quickly establishes him as part of the franchise family.

Client testimonials

Darren, your professionalism, enthusiasm, humour and ability to read the moment and deliver the right words at precisely the right time left all the attendees unanimously voting you at the best MC to have graced their stage. Personally I appreciated your attention to detail and thorough preparation, your willingness to adapt when we needed to change and the time and effort you spend getting to know the attendees. You are an unofficial member of the Mobile Lending family and made our first decision regarding next year’s conference the easiest, we can’t wait to get you back!

ANZ Mortgage Group

Without question, Darren was the best MC I have ever used for a conference. Darren exceeded everyone's expectations ... mine (the conference manager), the audience, the speakers and the sponsors. It was obvious that Darren put a huge amount of preparation into his scripts which continually produced an eruption of laughter and cheers from the audience. The result was a smooth and seamlessly flowing agenda that kept the audience’s attention, motivation and importantly attendance from Day One through until Day Three. I only wish we had used Darren to his full potential which I have been told goes beyond the traditional role of a master of ceremonies


The introductions created the perfect energy for each speaker. He was also brave enough to provide an extremely humorous introduction to our CEO Ralph Norris, which was hugely appreciateds. Darren had an innate ability to seamlessly knit the sessions and days together - maintaining an air of enthusiasm and lifting concentration levels whenever they drifted. He certainly had an impact on the success of the conference.

RBS, Service Delivery & Improvement Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Darren's brief for our event was a combination of MC and facilitator. He switched between both brilliantly and nailed them. Darren was very quickly in tune with the objectives of the event and seamlessly integrated his style and approach with our content and other facilitators to help deliver the desired outcomes. His summary at the end of the conference was perfect and couldn't have been better if we had scripted it ourselves. Our event would have been far inferior without Darren's contribution.

Risk Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

The highlights were the way you ran the morning exercises (Chairobics), the National Brokers Group National Anthem that you wrote and had us all sing and your fast off-the-cuff wit. In each case your speaker introductions were clever and entertaining and they, along with your quick retorts to speakers and the audience, and always being available to adjust the agenda and for last minute changes, all surpassed my expectations.

National Brokers Group Pty Ltd

As the conference's MC you managed to keep our audience alert and energised throughout several intense business sessions. The workshop debrief showcased your interview and facilitation skills, where you made a seemingly difficult task into an easy one using your intelligence, quick wit and intuition.

Retail Banking Services, Commonwealth Bank

You are the best MC I have encountered in my 15 years of event organising.

Australian Exhibition Services

We really enjoyed Darren hosting our promotional event. He was very easy to deal with and best of all did a great job of entertaining the crowd and keeping them interested. Darren was quick witted and earned lots of laughs. We were really impressed with the job Darren did.

CSR Bradford