Danielle Di-Masi

Expert in Digital Communication

Danielle Di-Masi is globally recognised as an expert on digital communication. A Stevie Award-winner of 'Woman of the Year', for more than a decade she has worked with individuals and organisations to finesse their digital strategies to ensure that every e-interaction made - whether that be for business or pleasure - is presented with consistency and a goal in mind.

Whether someone is fully digitally #engaged or just connects occasionally, Danielle's message resonates: your digital self matters.

Listed in the Top 20 Business Keynote Speakers in Australia , Danielle Di-Masi is also a university lecturer, media commentator, award-winning blogger and international-featured expert in digital and print media. She is the social and business behaviour expert for Network Ten and the University of New South Wales.

Danielle Di-Masi's seemingly magic mix of business experience, social behaviour, technology and science combines to reveal a message that is motivational, educational and, most of all, human.

Organisations that look to Danielle's expertise include State and Federal Governments, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet, universities, non-profits, small businesses, A-list celebrities and corporate giants. Her corporate clients range from 3M, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to Deloitte, Qantas, Telstra, American Express, Nissan, News Ltd. and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

In print, her global commentary has appeared in CLEO, The Los Angeles Times, GQ, Australian Financial Review, ELLE, Psychology Today, SMH Body and Soul, The Age, Women's Health and Cosmopolitan.

Worldwide, Danielle's TEDx talk on the 'Evolution of Digital Communication' counts more than 35,000 views. When she had the honour of meeting and speaking with His Holiness the Dalai Lama on keeping humanity moving forward while we spend more and more time online, his words were, it is 'very important work you are doing, please keep talking about it.

Danielle began her corporate career in Investment and Private Banking while studying her MBA. Then, as the world turned increasingly digital, she quickly identified the broadening communications gap, and turned her research skills to social interactions, business behaviours and relationships.

In her premier book, Digital You: How to align your digital version with your real-world self, Danielle presents insights and knowledge to help anyone - in business especially - truly understand the importance of managing a reputation and activity by his or her digital presence. By understanding the critical 'why' behind business behaviour and interpersonal communication in the digital age, Danielle creates clear strategies that can be implemented instantly. For Danielle, it's all about us - who we are, what we want...and how we get it.

Danielle believes we are in the middle of the most dynamic shifts in our human history and it's all about adapting to be at your best and using our ability to create and utilise amazing technology available. It's just about learning how to bring it all together to make it work.

Danielle Di-Masi speaks about:

  • The Communication Evolution

The difference between us 'then' and us 'now' is huge... that's obvious but, despite the continuing changes in our environment, culture, technology, some elements of human nature remain the same. Danielle runs her audience through a fast-paced, entertaining and insightful history of humankind and the way communications have evolved and how we can use the learnings from our history to boldly transition into our future.

  • The Online Relationship

Relationships are so different these days, so much so, we can have entire relationships with people we have never met whether it's a colleague, a business rep and even some relationships (see Catfish). Humans have a history of being able to grow something from what is, essentially, nothing - like the way we can foster a love for a stuffed toy that is little more than cotton and acrylic. Today's more 'grown-up' habit of building attachment and adult relationships that grow from the foundations of instant messaging, emails and SMS might have seen the traditional art of conversation evaporate but the emotions that remain are real. Or at least it feels that way... Danielle guides us through the minefield of virtual and remote relationships and how we can help them fit into the realities of our business needs.

  • Digital Communication

It begins so easily. A 'like' here. A 'follow' there. But where can it lead? And how will it end? The landscape of digital communication is the last frontier of unchartered territory. Who really knows what's on the other side, or the best way to navigate your course? Danielle's understanding and insights into human behaviour and the way we communicate in the online world is eye-opening - a critical exploration of the way we engage and stay connected in our contemporary world of email, social media and virtual communications.

  • Reputation: Who Are You? (On and Offline)

While the online world was once a place to lurk and hide undercover of digital confusion, today's digital media is all about exposure. Previously a Google search on yourself was a fun activity and now it's a professional PR mission! Aligning your online personality with your 'real world' values and philosophies is the key to genuine personal and professional success and this talk gives you the tools to achieve the ideal synergy between your online and offline existence, to ensure your business portrays an authentic image that walks tall in the insightful digital environment.

  • How We Connect

Although Danielle is pro-tech, she is proudly pro-human first. For us to really connect digitally, we need to truly understand the human being behind the keyboard. But how? That's when her extensive education and experience as a human behaviour specialist and digital communications expert comes to fruition. Danielle cuts through the jargon to deliver the facts - based on proven science of psychology, biology, neurology and anthropology. The topic is how we connect but it's also so much more. Connecting is only the beginning, after all. It's what happens next that makes modern life so interesting...

Client testimonials

When Danielle Di-Masi speaks, people listen. Our teams enjoy her keynotes so much we use her as a reward for reaching sales targets


It was really good, Danielle is a fantastic speaker and you can tell she enjoyed talking to students so much. She gave them so many tips on how to make the best of networking. I don't regret picking her for this event, I could not have been more satisfied!

UniLodge NSW

Danielle has presented to us before but this was to a female audience with a focus on leadership. Her session was the last on a 2 ½ day program and was very well received

Bursars Association of New South Wales