Dan Gregory

Creative engagement expert, award-winning thought leader

Dan Gregory, now a regular panellist on ABC TV's popular show Gruen, graduated with a BA in Communications then went straight to work in advertising and within six months had won the top award for creativity in Australasia, an Award Pencil.

Dan is the strategic and creative lead behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history, the most extraordinary brand resurrection achieved anywhere in the world and the most successful magazine and financial services launches of the past two decades.

He is a captivating speaker whose business acumen is matched by a rapier wit and rare human insight gained during a three-year sabbatical working on the UK and US stand-up comedy circuits.

In a world of spin and corporate double talk, Dan is a rare evangelist for truth and champions greater engagement and a more human connection between business and consumers.

More about Dan Gregory:

In 2003 Dan founded Kindred with business partner Kieran Flanagan and won creativity and effectiveness awards for work with companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, News Ltd, Gourmet Garden, Horticulture Australia, NSW Government, Rail Corp and MX.

Dan developed new product lines for corporations such as Coca-Cola and Unilever, invented new media formats for Murdoch Magazines, created interaction systems for fast food chains and government departments and launched internal and external engagement campaigns for companies including Aussie Home Loans, the National Rugby League, News Ltd, Vodafone and MTV.

A passionate educator and mentor, he was a director and lecturer at Australia's premier creative school, AWARD, taught post-graduate students at Macquarie and Sydney Universities and privately mentored CEOs and non-executive board members.

In September 2011 Dan and Kieran launched The Impossible Institute - an innovation and engagement company - to create products, services, systems and brand content on purpose. Dan advises management and sales departments on what truly drives their customers and employees, builds highly-functioning, multidisciplinary teams with collaborative intelligence, applies discipline to creativity and advises top management on how to lead with the power of a purposeful and compelling identity in a rapidly changing world.

Dan Gregory talks about:

DRIVE: What makes us buy and buy in

In a challenging business environment where our capacity to persuade and engage determines our results, drives successful sales and marketing and is a measure of modern leadership, organisations and individuals must understand the hidden driver that motivates human beings at their core. In this insightful and motivating presentation, Dan will:

  • Identify the key driver to all human behaviour
  • Provide clarity around why one size doesn't fit all
  • Establish a process for overcoming objection through four simple motivations
  • Give your organisation the tools it needs to have customers buying and employees buying in

WE-Q: Working with collaborative intelligence

The hyper-specialisation and interconnectedness of the modern workforce make the capacity for intelligent collaboration a must have, not some touchy, feely nice to have. However few organisations can generate inter-departmental cooperation, let alone coordinate multiple organisational cultures. In this interactive presentation, you will understand:

  • How "I can't" but "we can"
  • Why conflict is critical to collaboration
  • A process for unleashing the multiple skill sets within your organisation
  • The tools managers need to activate every member of their team

INNOVATION ON PURPOSE: What you make is who you are

In a world of change it is our capacity to innovate that keeps us competitive, yet too often the process of innovation is left to random invention, or worse still, trend watching and late adoption. So it should come as no surprise that the majority of corporate innovative processes meet with market place failure. Dan will demonstrate:

  • The next big thing is already in your organisations' dna
  • How to turn your people into a creatively competitive machine
  • Why innovation must be congruent with the vision of the companies leadership
  • That ideas are impotent without action

SHIFT: The way we shift perceptions, people and products is shifting

The rate of change in our society, our values, the media, the market place and our businesses is unprecedented in history. It is our capacity to understand the implications and uses of these shifts, rather than falling victim to them, that determines our success. Dan will reveal:

  • The possibilities these shifts offer us as individuals and organisations
  • The fundamental shifts that are changing our culture, communications and companies
  • Where those shifts are taking us from and to (and the threats if we don't keep up)
  • The latent possibilities that are just waiting for us when we get in front of the game

GRAVITY: How to lead with engagement, alignment and attraction

There has been a fundamental change in the way we engage people as leaders, employers and businesses taking us from an era of push and ushering in an age of pull. This understanding is critical to the success of any leader, movement or manager. Dan will cover:

  • The elements of gravity and how to create it
  • The traits common to successful leaders, products and movements
  • How to create alignment within organisations, teams and markets
  • The actions required to attract volunteers and create followers

Client testimonials

(Dan was received) extremely well - he was an absolute hit and I think a few of the sponsors want to book him for their own events

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