Craig Rispin

Business futurist and technology guru

Craig Rispin is a business futurist, trends tracker and technology guru.

From the age of 10 he was teaching business people about the trends and technology that would change their businesses, and lives... forever!

With an innate ability to spot trends and to create new markets, Craig went on to design and launch hundreds of products for major companies in the computer, consumer electronics, multimedia, internet and broadcast industries.

Craig's clients include: Apple Computer, Philips Consumer Electronics, Disney, Fairfax, Canon, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, GE, Sony, American Express and the ABC.

He has addressed audiences of up to 3000 on five continents and has been featured on TV and radio. Now a professional keynote speaker and business coach - Craig helps his customers understand and prepare for the Future.

Clients hire Craig so they can "Know First" - so they are not surprised by the next big thing and get that 'first to market' advantage. So they can also "Profit First" - and create new opportunities they might never have considered.

Craig Rispin talks about...

  • Fast Forward Your Business - How to leave your competition in the past
  • Marketing Technology Trends
  • Technology Isn't a Toy - It's a Weapon. Learn how technology 'toys' are being used by major corporations as secret weapons.
  • The Future of Business Exposed!
  • The future trends impacting your industry - and the strategies to profit from them.
  • The latest trends in strategic planning, empowering your workforce, and making the right technology investments.