Chris Richardson

Director of Access Economics

Chris Richardson is one of Australia’s best known economists and a Director of Access Economics, heading up their Macroeconomic Group.

As one of Australia’s leading macroeconomists, Chris’ expertise includes the Australian and global economies, Federal budget analysis and property, ageing and industry trends.

Chris is the author of Business Outlook, the Business Review Weekly’s Fundamentals column and is often asked to comment on economic trends in wider media.

Access Economics is one of Australia’s leading economic consulting firms, providing expert economic advice to business, government, industry groups and not-for-profit organisations. The company’s expertise in analysis, modeling and forecasting is unrivalled, developing an international reputation for integrity, quality and interdependence.

Prior to joining Access Economics in 1988, Chris Richardson worked at the Federal Treasury.

He has also worked at the IMF, advising countries in the former Soviet Union and South America.