Chris Helder

Master of Mindset, Keynote Speaker

Chris Helder is one of Australia's most sought-after keynote speakers on mastering the power of mindsets, genuine communication and influence. Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of sales, communication, influence, change and developing a mindset for growth.

Well known for his powerful keynote presentations, Chris provides audiences with the tools to master the art of influence with both clients and themselves. He is the author of two bestselling books The Ultimate Book of Influence, which has been published in five languages and, Useful Belief, which is one of the highest selling Australian business books of all time.

Chris Helder has a fresh and engaging style that immediately captures his audience's attention and a passion that is contagious.Originally from the United States, Chris' presentations are a high energy and hilarious look at understanding human behaviour. From mastering ‘nightclub excellence' to finally winning that big account, audiences discover the key to building rapport and influencing those around them.

These skills range from adjusting to different ‘intensities', to easily reading and adapting to body language and eye patterns in order to quickly establish a connection. Chris also challenges participants to understand the importance of mastering their own ‘mindset', in order to avoid playing the role of victim within situations.

Chris is fascinated with helping people take back control of their own self-talk, believing that "the most important words we say all day are the words we say to ourselves, about ourselves, when we are alone by ourselves". He believes most people are cruel and demeaning in those moments. Chris teaches people how to master this communication, altering their self-perception and therefore the results they attract.

Chris has presented his high-energy messages globally, to clients including Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Glaxo Smith Kline, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Fuji Xerox, Levi's, and IBM. Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of communication, influence, human potential, leadership and mastering the face-to-face customer experience.

Chris's keynotes are the ideal mix of high-energy motivation and impactful content, all delivered with intelligence and humour, and tailored to the client's objectives.

Chris Helder talks about:

Useful Belief... Because it's better than Positive Thinking

Imagine your team having a useful belief about their approach to the customer experience? This presentation is a game changer in the field of motivation and performance. For years, people have been told to try and be ‘positive'. The reality is that when most people try this they are unable to sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out.

This is a presentation about ‘action'. It is not about being ‘positive', but rather asking questions of yourself such as, "What is the most useful thing to believe about this situation?" and "What is the most useful thing that I could do today to get me closer to where I want to be?" Positive thinking is about a feeling, while Useful Belief is all about ‘action'.

This presentation will help participants to:

  • Alter the approach and be more effective when tackling tasks
  • Give a new framework to help improve the focus of your time and energy
  • Improve your approach to make practical decisions in the workplace
  • Increase your results by taking the right action
  • Feel empowered and motivated by changes they can make right away

The Power of Influence

This powerful program makes an immediate impact in the areas of communication and maximising the customer experience. Prepare for a high-energy presentation that will leave participants with "tools" to persuade and influence. Chris has a fresh approach that concentrates on understanding those you are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately results.

This presentation will help participants:

  • Explore the greatest communication, persuasion and influencing tools that are practical and can be implemented immediately
  • Learn a list of ‘1%' behaviours that significantly improve your results and relationships.
  • Increase your persuasion skills to get clients to take action 

Client testimonials

Chris Helder managed within 5 minutes to get the entire audience on side via some great comic moments that had everyone laughing and wanting to hear more. He managed to convey the motivational message in a way that kept people entertained and interested. Would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to keep a session lively, informative and fun!

Bovis Lend Lease

Chris’ messages were simple and powerful enough for any person to take on board, to improve their lives, but specific enough to our organisation to make a difference to the way we do business each day.


Excellent. Having sat through countless motivational speakers - Chris would rate as the best. He overlapped business goals & personal - very important for people who spend so much time at work. Made me think.

Volkswagen Financial Services Australia

Usually I am very critical of presenters, but I have just been to our breakfast forum and seen one of the best. Chris Helder is brilliant! Chris is young, vibrant, passionate, has great content and is really into changing behaviours.

Commonwealth Bank

As a competitive sales person, one of the hardest things to let go of was the ‘Win’. Often the ‘Win’ needed to take the shape of something tangible for me to feel like I owned it. Chris Helder’s teachings came just at the right time for me. Helping other people Win, not only in my team, but within the business and in my personal life has become the reward for me. Helping others achieve their own greatness is what gives me the get up and go these days.

GlaxoSmithKline Australia

Chris is one of the best speakers we have had. He is engaging, amusing and real. His content resonates with my team and they all loved it. After two big nights the team was attentive during the entire last day - not many speakers can pull that off.

Laing and Simmons

Chris was fantastic. Some of our delegates had seen him approx. 4 years ago and were thrilled to see him again. He is extremely high energy, has great tips for communicating better for business and entertaining and very engaging at the same time.  We booked Chris in again for another session in Sydney for those who couldn’t attend the conference in Hamilton Island

Raine & Horne