Chris De Havilland

Polished comic impersonator for events, speeches, conferences

My name is Mr Rudd PM, but let's not stand on formalities, you can call me 'Mr'.

While 'PM', of course, stands for Prime Minister, Post Meridien or Pre Menstrual, it also stands for 'Party Maker' - and if you'd like me to be in attendance at your party or corporate function then I am more than happy to curtail my trotting, wherever I am on the globe, to do so.

With the assistance of my handy little speechwriter, I tailor presentations to suit your client and your audience. And whether the dress is dinner suit or lounge suit, I guarantee staying this side of a law suit! (Just).

While I'm up for weddings, bar mitzvahs and birthdays (no jumping castles please!), corporate functions are more my scene. I'm happy to do Grand Finals, awards, launches, presentations and celebrity keynote speeches. I'll also consider endorsements, TV and print.

I'll open shopping malls, I'll open doors and I'll open my arms to embrace you and your cheques. That's the kind of guy I am. Yes, I'll pretty much endorse anything as my window of opportunity lies in the performance of my alter-ego. You see, once he's out the back door, I'm also out the back door and while he'll be up for a posh ambassadorial posting, I'll just be up for a new wig.

Mr Rudd PM talks about:

Yes! I'm available to make your corporate occasion the hoot it deserves to be! While each presentation is tailored to suit the client and the occasion, there are a number of 'Ruddules' (Rudd-Modules) in place as well. These include:

  • 'The World According to Rudd'
  • 'The Ruddster's Australia A to Z'
  • 'Mr Rudd PM's Guide To Thinking Outside The Box'
  • 'The Private Life of Kevin'
  • 'Kevin Is A Place Called Me'

Now, you may expect me to extrapolate Lateline-style on how extreme capitalist free-market ideologues influence much of the neo-liberal economic elite (and I 'm happy to do so!), but I also offer an insight into the 'behind-the-scenes Mr Rudd PM'. You see, just like that other bloke who bears a striking resemblance to me, I can adapt my style to suit the audience. You may have noticed how easily the word 'bloke' slotted in to that last sentence - well I have even been known to go as far as 'bloody' and 'bugger', but that's as far into the alphabet as my expletives travel.

Mr Rudd PM is a close friend of Chris De Havilland, hoax master, comedian and impressionist extraordinaire.

Client testimonials

Lots of laughs thanks to Chris De Havilland. His stream of one-liners about the financial and property industries kept the audience in constant giggles...The Daily Telegraph …got the message across better than anyone else.


Our delegates were, to put it mildly, highly amused by Dr Patterson's speech. In fact, one grower was moved to enquire of me whether all American farmer representatives could undergo a 'Patersonectomy'...

Grains Council of Australia

He was nothing short of excellent. …such an enjoyable and humorous presentation was astounding. He was an outstanding success...

NSW Health

His adaptation of research was excellent. He had everyone in stitches whilst getting the theme across very strongly.


He did magnificent preparation on a technical subject and he had a number of specialists fooled and everyone entertained.


Lots of laughs thanks to Chris De Havilland. His stream of one-liners about the financial and property industries kept the audience in constant giggles...

The Daily Telegraph