Adam Fraser

Leading educator and researcher on human performance

Dr Adam Fraser is one of Australia's leading educators, researchers and thought leaders in the area of human performance. Adam works in the corporate and business world to provide one on one coaching, consulting, workshops and keynote presentations that elevate and sustain employee performance. He is a regular in the media.

Dr Adam Fraser has been featured in the Australian Financial Review and Business Review Weekly. He is a regular presenter on Sunrise and the Today show and has contributed to Business Review Weekly (BRW) and Human Capitol magazine. Adam has had a regular radio spot on ABC 702 and ABC Riverina, and done countless interviews on radio programs both domestically and internationally. Adam writes a regular column in Men's Style magazine and has appeared on Close Up in Auckland.

He has spoken internationally, to audiences as prestigious as the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Diabetes Association, and the World Congress on Fitness and Nutrition. In 2005 Adam Fraser was runner up in the Young Investigator of the Year award at the AAESS conference.

Dr Adam Fraser speaks about Flow:

Combining years of work with elite level athletes, the armed forces and business professionals of all levels, Dr Adam Fraser has perfected the art of Flow. This philosophy is a real time solution to stress and burn out that doesn't involve having to take time out or adding another task to your already full to do list!

Flow is a high performance state also known as being "In the Zone." At the heart of flow we find the key to getting more done for a longer period of time, while reducing stress levels, preventing burnout and keeping our teams engaged. Flow is not a band aid solution but provides a vehicle to:

  • Higher productivity
  • Complete engagement
  • Clear vision and strategy
  • A calm, focused mind
  • Greater performance without longer hours.

Client testimonials

Adam moulds interesting research results and statistics into a humorous, informative and engaging presentation. It is an extremely good reminder on how to look after ourselves better if we want to work more happily and productively. Adam's presentation lead us to reflect on our work environment and showed us how important it is to sit up and question our mind set, especially in regard to our rituals, habits and health. I strongly recommend Adam's presentation to others.

Commonwealth Bank

Everyone really enjoyed the presentation! They found it extremely useful mainly because it was so relevant and he gave us tips that we could implement immediately. Adam is fantastic and I am sure we as a firm will be using him again.

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Adam is an engaging and thought provoking presenter. He is able to present information and concepts in a practical way that encourages thought, discussion and action. Adam also brings a highly positive energy into the room that stimulates people to think and participate. The time we spent with Adam was invaluable for our Management Team to further their journey as the leadership of the business.

Suzanne Grae

Beginning with a very skeptical staff comprised of teachers and administrative staff, Dr Fraser’s down-to-earth, contemplative and motivating presentation won the staff over completely. They have now asked me to continue working with Dr. Fraser and to work with them to improve their productivity and keep our unique workplace culture.

Ability Education